Saturday, February 26, 2011


Why does the sunshine make us all feel better?   I guess the scientific answer is Vitamin D?  I know this past Wednesday was absolutely gorgeous for February in KY!  Have you ever noticed while driving on a sunny day how everyone around you is smiling and there seems to be less road rage!   I know it makes me feel better and drive better!  On the way home from work, I had to take a detour route by the lake.  We spend many wonderful days on this piece of water.  It's our getaway!  It's Cave Run Lake located in Morehead Ky, and the best thing is, it's only 10 minutes away from our house!  I needed a getaway!  My head was pounding and I think I was just stressed and overwhelmed with the world of BUSY and Anxiety of "Did it Happen"!  It was nice, BRIGHT and calm!  I pulled over just to hear the wind blow and watch the water move!  I think sometimes when you feel like all is coming down on you, I know for me, little things like enjoying the sunshine, makes it all better!  It was sooo NICE!  Letting the sun heat my pale face that hasn't seen the sun since July 4th weekend 2010 was a MUST Have today.  The wind was blowing my blues away for at least 15 minutes!  How I love the water and the sun so!  I've sure missed it these last couple of days!

(While I was driving, a song called "Sound OF SUNSHINE" came on--it was Perfect for the day)  click on the bottom of the playlist to hear!
Cave Run Lake --we love this place!

Well, I apologize, it's been over a week since I have blogged and so much has been going on.  I have been trying to keep myself busy so I don't drive myself crazy wondering if one of those little blastocyst's decided to burrow itself somewhere in my uterus!  I mean, it's so hard not to think about it!  I know something happened!  I saw my 2 little embryos.  I think the anxiety is even worse than "the old fashion way" this time I know a form of LIFE started, but the question is, --Did it continue?   OH HOW Monday can't get here fast enough.  I go for blood work that morning, then I have to hop on a plane to go to a meeting in the Sunshine state for 3 days!  YES!  Sounds like fun! --NO---I mean it's fun seeing all my friends and teammates and I do love my job, but it's work---so no laying in the sun by the pool like you would do on vacation!   I promise its all work!  It's still fun and we always make the best of it!   I work to go on vacation--hopefully we will do that soon!  I am excited about seeing some sunshine, even if it's through a window.
This past Wednesday I became really nauseous around 3:00 pm and had a major headache.  I had to call my awesome mother-in-law to help me with Colt once I got home.   I didn't think much of it, until that evening when I started craving gallons of water.  I live on regular Coke,  like almost IV hook up--so even my husband questioned by guzzling of water!   The next day no headache, (H2O is good) but nauseous the same exact time.   Today, the same!  3:00 pm, It's like raining, snowing--it's cold and I had the window almost half down taking deep breaths driving west on  I64!  This is the exact way I was in the early beginning with Colt, so I'm thinking something is going on.  I'm afraid to say!  I'm going to be heartbroken and disappointed if nothing happened, but I realize if things don't go my way, God has a better plan for me.

Well let's talk about some ALL THE TIME SUNSHINE___  COLT MATTHEW

Eating up all this SUNSHINE!

I must brag on my little man, MY SUNSHINE!  He is doing GREAT!  He tries to mimic everything you do.  My mother-in-law has taught him to pucker his lips and smooch!  It's adorable to watch!  Also, he loves to pat-a-cake! My aunt, (that would be Colt's GREAT AUNT) Sharon, bought him a lil bear that sings pat-a-cake while clapping it's hands.  He wasn't so sure about it at first, but it didn't take long for him to catch on and now he LOVes it!  We play with it every night!  Thank you GREAT AUNT SHARON

Wasn't sure about the Pat a cake bear singing Pat a cake  while moving it's arms

He Likes it

He also has discovered he can jump in his jumparoo!  It's hilarious to watch!  I will try to upload a video of it!  I'm still new at all this blog stuff!   You will have to see, he dances like a leprechaun!  LOL

My Mama is coming to watch Colt while I'm away!  I know she will so spoil him, but I would do the exact same thing if I was in her shoes!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!  Hope you see some SUNSHINE  and I Hope I have some xtra good news for all soon!!! :)


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