About This Blog

   I was born and raised in Eastern Ky.  I met my husband in high school and after years of "on and off" dating, we finally got it right.  He asked me to marry him and after a 2 year engagement we said "I DO" Oct, 19 2002!  It took us awhile to realize what we both wanted, but I wouldn't change a thing, because our Marriage is "xtra" Perfect.  I have worked for a great company, GLAXOSMITHKLINE, for almost 11 years now. Everything in my life was going perfect.  For those who know me, you know I plan! My Life was a script!  That was until we decided to have children.  I took for granted that when we wanted a baby that it would happen in a cinch.  Boy. OH boy-how I was wrong.  That was when my journey of "ups and downs" truly began.  Struggling through the mental and physical emotions of loosing a baby, taking medications to ovulate, medications & procedures to conceive a baby, and then questioning the "WHY" me.
  Finally!  WE were pregnant!  I had never ever in my career missed a meeting with GSK and I had to miss a very important one because we had a scheduled (#2 for us) IUI.  For those of you that don't know what that is, it's basically the female takes lots of meds to produce lots of eggs and the sperm is inseminated right into the uterus.  Well, to our surprise--we discovered before the procedure we had conceived on our own!!  Just by taking the meds made this little miracle happen!!!  My life was back on track--Yes!  I missed a very important meeting, but something Magical happened!  Again, my pregnancy was text book perfect!  Nothing was ever wrong.  At 37 weeks, I woke up with back pain.  My doc tells me how I need to get to the hospital ASAP.  My husband drives like a NASCAR race car driver to St Joesph East!  Oh, and my water breaks at the Avon exit--right past Winchester in the car.  I get there in time for a wonderful epidural (Thank you Pharmaceutical companies) and within 2 hours (3 set of 3 pushes) I have my precious little boy!
  All was Perfect!  I now have my new pajamas on, makeup and living my dream!  My friends and family came to see our little man. Things are GREAT!  Colt latched on to the whole breastfeeding and all was so xtra Perfect!  So,when 1 out of 4 docs told me my little boy may have DOWN SYNDROME, my Perfect little world started to crack into tiny pieces. I felt like someone was choking me, every time I imagined the thought!  My throat felt so tight and I literally at times felt like I was gasping for air!
   Now, at 7 months I have an entire different outlook on life.  It has taken us awhile to become educated about DS and learn that it isn't a BAD thing!   No parent wants anything to be wrong with their child.  After becoming educated and trips to Cincinnati Children's we have discovered he is PERFECT--just as we had thought!  My baby may have an xtra chromosome, but he is as healthy as a horse! We are so very blessed, because he doesn't have any of the "xtra" complications the little "xtra" chromosome can bring. I don't like to hear what Colt "can't or won't " be able to do, because he has proven to us he will do what ever he wants!  He started rolling over at 4 weeks from tummy to back!  KISS THAT Poor muscle tone!  He is at or above all of his current milestones.  He amazes me everyday!  My little, fire red, bright blue eyed boy has taught me so much about who I am and what I am capable of.  It's the UNKNOWN that scares us to bits, but no one knows their own fate!  We Pray for Each DAy!
   Each day I discover something new and I love this journey God has given me!  We are meant for Colt as much as he is meant for us!!  Our lives haven't changed all that much.  We still boat, travel, celebrate with our friends and Colt is there every step with us!  I decided to share this experience because I have been through a whole lot in the past 3 years.  It hasn't been my Perfect Plan, but far better than I could of imagined!
   Colt may have an "xtra" chromosome, but his needs are no different than any other 7 month old baby!    He is doing Perfect!  I now realize,  HOW "xtra" Perfect my world really is and it has taken "xtra" work to get to this point.  Someday I will describe those "dark days" as I call them.  The week of the unknown diagnosis.  During that week I was blessed to find a very inspiring blog.  One I follow continuously and I encourage you to read hers too.  She is a TRUE writer, and I am not!  It's called "Enjoying the Small Things" http://www.kellehampton.com  I found her blog googling positive stories on DS. She is Simply amazing and I thank God to have found her blog in such a desperate time!
   I am blessed and I am thankful for it all.  I have always said what happens is truly meant to happen!  Well, I believe that more than ever now!  So, that being said, I still TRY to plan, but if it doesn't go my way---I adjust quickly!  My OCD of Perfectionism has changed!  I've learned to LIVE and that is just what I plan to do!!!  LIVE and CELEBRATE every breathing moment!!!HOpe you enjoy reading about my life story and all the “xtras” that is in store for us!