Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How Different We are in just 1 Year

On Feb 16, 2011 we had 2 little embryos transferred!   Do you remember this pic I posted.....


Little did we know what GOD had already planned!

At 21 weeks I was admitted into the hospital.   I was having pre-term labor and didn't know it.  I was dilated to 3 cm and scared to death that I would never see my boys faces.   I was there until the day they were born.  We made it to 32 weeks.   I was going to delete the pics below, but for some odd reason I felt the need to keep them.  Maybe to show my boys what I went through!  Ha!

I was in the hospital for 73 days and had alot of these days!

I had alot of good days too.   I am so thankful for all my doctors, nurses, family and friends that thought of me, came by to see me and sent me yummy and beautiful things to encourage me and kept me positive.  It was all of you and of course my Faith in God that helped me achieve what I have now!

Colt @ 18mths!

Colt is into everything.  He loves being in the kitchen with his mama, getting into all the drawers and cabinets.  He is saying a few words, mama, dada, bite-bite, bye bye and sometimes when you ask him "what kind of noise does a cow make?"  He will say moooooo! or at least make his lips pucker that looks like mooooo!  When you ask him to give his brothers love. He will say "awwwww".                  I'm so proud of him.  He also will try to do the hand motions when you sing "itsy bitsy spider".  

It took us three years to achieve Colt!
The last 3 years was a roller coaster of emotions. UP's and Downs, lots of tears shed and I felt heartache that I never experienced.......

I would do it all over again to have these 3 precious boys!

He loves bouncing on his pony his Aunt T got him for Christmas

More to come soon!  Living and Loving the Best we know how!  :)

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