Invitro Journey

Our IVF journey started Nov 9, 2010.   That is when I went and met Dr. Michael Scheiber for the very first time.  We discussed "why" of IVF and agreed it was the best decision for us.   I wanted to begin my cycle in Dec, but it all depends all your menstrual cycle and mine after just 5 months of having Colt, started becoming irregular again.  Plus, I had to go for a week of training in Philly for work and that would of been way to stressful.  Some of the meds you have to keep in the fridge and it would of been just to much  to keep up with.  So, we decided to wait until Jan.
    Jan 7 was my last menstrual cycle.  I had to call my Nurse on Day 3 of my cycle and begin taking Birth control pills.  I took these pills from Jan 9 until Jan 24.   This was my first ultrasound.  This ultrasound would determine when I would begin giving myself the injections.
   Jan 27 is when I started injecting myself.  The first time I did it, I let Matt do it.   He was way to slow!  He had gave me my 1 injection before when we went through the IUI process, but I couldn't handle him giving me these for some reason.  So, the next night I did it!  I had to inject myself with Follistim 200cc.  It is like a epipen, so very very easy.  It wasn't bad at all, I promise!  Well, I used Imitrex for my Migraines in my younger days, so it didn't bother me.
   My next ultrasound was Jan 31.  I guess at this point the doctor wanted to see how my body was responding to all of these injections.  I had to go for an ultrasound and blood work.  At this visit I met Dr Awadalla.  He was great as well.  I have truly enjoyed my experience with the Institue of Reproductive Health!
  Dr Awadalla said I probably