Sunday, July 24, 2011


Destin 2011 Colt's 1st vaca

So, my sis n law and I started planning our family vacation around the 1st of April, so we had to find something fast for the month of June. Not really our month we like to go, just because of the heat, but we wanted to plan early due to my pregnancy.  She actually found the perfect house for us, I will share the link for those interested.   Matt and I have been looking so forward to vacation.  Work for the both of us has been so crazy.  We really have been living like robots.  So finally after all the Cincy apts for Colt and I had a two day meeting that week in Lexington, Friday, after work we were off to Destin!
This one did not have a private pool, but the two in between us did, the community pool was super nice and only like 3 houses down from the house we stayed.  I honestly didn't have to pack hardly any baby stuff cause this house had so much already! 

I think we drove to Birmingham, AL that night or past it.  I just know we didn't leave until 6 that evening and it was like 1 am and we couldn't find a hotel due to all the tornado destruction.  All the hotels were full.  Finally we found one!  Trust me, it wasn't anything to brag about, but we needed sleep!   I have to brag!  My little boy is the perfect travel buddy!  I was so proud of him.  I just turn on Artsee Smartsee DVD and he is under some spell and loves watching it!  

The next day we take our time and off to DESTIN!   I guess we get there around 2:30/3:00 and from then on we have an awesome time.


1st icecream

loved it 
 I know I had told you the house was perfect and it was, if I wasn't 20weeks pregnant with Twins.   We could see the ocean, it was ocean view, and we had access to a pool, but having a 11 month old who isn't walking yet, was a lot of work. But so worth it!!!


BABY BUGGY is an awesome float and we carried it every day!!


Playing with Cousin Carter and sucking his lips due to the saltwater

This was our first vaca as parents!  Boy oh Boy was it different!   I mean it was all good, but a baby require a lot!  I mean a lot--to make it convenient for you that is!!!  Anyways, it would of been no big deal, but we had to walk, not far, but I don't walk anymore.   I waddle to and from!   It was a lot of work for Mama!  

Dada taking Colt out in the ocean to cool him down

Colt loved the ocean, (only on overcast days)  he doesn't like to be hot!  I mean at all!  So we didn't get to hang at the beach as much as we would of liked!   We wanted to keep Colt happy and that was keeping him cool, in the water, at the pool.   I have to admit, Mama liked the pool too!  Mama got hot too!

loved the soft sand

The wind was blowing and he loved the texture of the sand

He was cracking himself up! 

This just shows you how my little man loves water---even cold from the hose

Everything to try to keep him happy

Matt and I established rules during this vacation!  
Rule #1.  No more vacations pregnant!   (Which this will be my last)
Rule #2.  No more vacations with little ones June-August---it's just too hot
Rule #3.  No more vacations until the boys can walk
Rule #4  No more ocean view houses or community pools with little ones < 1 year where you have to walk to-just convenient to be oceanfront when little ones want to nap or pregnant mama has to pee

We had a blast!  Mama was just tired and in bed by 10 pm almost every night!  :)  
We ate really good and did some fun things with the kids.   I'm very lucky to have such an awesome family!  It was really nice spending it with Colt's Great grandparents too!  We made some awesome memories that I will always cherish! 

Dewy Destin Restaurant

Down by the Harbor at some of the Restaurants

Carter loving this pirate after his mama confirmed "its fake"!

Great Grandparents and Colt chillin by the pool

The Grandchildren 2011

Close Cousins!

Meanwhile, back at Triple C farm, my mom and sister stayed and watched over things.  Trenda, my sis, became a little cowgirl or a calf watcher!   We had a couple of cows expecting to give birth any day while we were away and Trenda took care of all that!   How lucky we are!  It's very hard to have such farm responsibilities and be able to go on vacation.   We are grateful for all our family and Matt and I thank God for them all!  

Skip, Bo, Gunner and Shooter




Having Fun in the Sun Summer 2011


  1. Hes so so cute! Glad you had a nice vacation.

  2. LOVE the family photo! Looks like you guys had an amazing vacation. :)