Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well I have some more "xtra" Perfect news to share,  but before I do I must catch you up with what has been going on.
   On March 14, just 2 weeks after I announced my pregnancy to our family, I woke up in the middle of the night to make my nightly trip to the bathroom.  I then saw every pregnant woman's nightmare. It was a horrific site.   This may be TMI, but I want to share this, in case anyone is ever going through the same experience.  There was blood... and there was alot of it.   As you may recall, I lost my 1st pregnancy, but not this way.  Our baby had stopped growing and we had a D&C, so I assumed this is what it was like having a miscarriage.  I immediately called my doctor, it was just 3:oo am!  He answered and it took him a while to figure out who I was.  I was supposed to go in Wednesday March 16, for our first ultrasound. He kept asking if I was in any pain and I said "No" and he wanted to see me today as soon as we could be there.
    Well, I really didn't know what to do after I hung up the phone.  I was afraid if I didn't wake Matt up and tell him what was going on, if some sorta pain started he wouldn't know what to do.   So, I woke him up and explained what had happened.
    Neither of us went back to sleep.  I tried to stay positive.  God does have a plan, maybe now just isn't it, was my thoughts.  While I was laying there in bed, I realized even more so, how blessed I am to already have my precious baby boy, Colt.  When Colt woke up that morning I held him a little tighter.  I can't imagine my life without him.  I love him so.  Throughout this entire process, I prayed for whatever is best for our family and again, I was just trying to stay positive.
    I kept it together on the drive to Cincy.  It was a long 2 hour drive, but Matt and talked about our little guy and how well he is doing at everything.  I remember telling Matt, I still felt nauseas.  I have been sick with this pregnancy, but it gets worse at night, it's the same way I was with Colt.  Well---let's just say I really don't ever feel great, but compared to the evenings, my mornings are so much better.
    I keep it together until we go in the room, a couple of tears, but I was still good.  When Dr. Schieber came in, he was very positive and we started the ultrasound immediately.  As I laid there, I was trying to think about Colt and happy thoughts, fighting back my breaking heart.  Then, Dr Schieber said, "No", "Your still Pregnant", "VERY Pregnant!  I looked at the screen and there I saw 2 little bubbles of seahorses with fast beating hearts!   We were STILL Pregnant with Twins!
    I looked at Matt and he had a smile on his face from ear to ear!  We were so happy!  Happy to Hear Good News!

The First photo of our "blastocysts"--our Twins!

THIS WAS the image we saw on March 14  6 weeks preggers!  It's not clear, but you can see 2 little sacs with lil embryos in the making!  :)

I have forgotten what settings my camera needs to be on for up close images, maybe it will come back to me in time!

So, a lot has been going on and I'm now 16 weeks preggers and my little man is 10 months old!  If you see me, you would probably think I'm 26 weeks pregnant, I started showing very very early!  I can't believe how fast time is going!
   This pregnancy really hasn't been that different from Colt.  I have had more headaches with the twins, (hope that isn't a sign) and heartburn started with Colt at 8 weeks, but didn't really start with the twins until 14 weeks.  I'm still sick at night, at least 1 puke a night and I'm good after that!  In the beginning of my pregnancy with the twins, all I wanted was meat, meat, meat--but, only during the daytime hours.  I drink lots of milk, which isn't like me at all!
   WE do know the sex of the twins!  We are having twin BOYS!  We are very, very happy!  We honestly did not care what the gender would be with any of our pregnancies.  I just want to continue to have Healthy babies and easy delivery!  :)

Me telling COLT He is going to have TWO Siblings!!!

I'm not a fan of pregnancy pics of myself--that being said here is one, my mom did take at my nephew's B-day party April 23- 12-13 weeks!  


Our 1st EASTER

I have some really cute EASTER pics of Colt with a "live" bunny, but I haven't purchased them yet, so I will post soon.

This was Colt's reaction when I showed him he was going to be a BIG BROTHER to TWO little BROTHERS!!!

This entire process has been very emotional, but with "xtra" efforts,  lots of prayers and support ===things are going really good so far.  Please continue to pray all continues to go "xtra" perfect for our family!

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  1. Christie you look as beautiful as ever. I'm so happy for you and Matt. I will pray for a smooth and exciting pregnecy for you.